Agency: S3 Advertising

This is an ambassador campaign on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Pensionskasse Rundfunk.

The Pensionskasse Rundfunk enables freelancers in the media industry to build up a secure pension plan.  As a freelancer myself, I found the campaign very valuable and it was a great pleasure to realize it and get to know all the great personalities that took part in the campaign, such as the actors Antoine Monot Jr. and Marion Gretchen Schmitz, the TV Hosts Anja Koebel and Konrad Busen, the journalists Minh Thu Tran and Cordelia Marsch as well as many others.

The shootings took place over four days in Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

PKR Botschafter Kampagne
Marion Gretchen Schmitz
Theresa von Eltz