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Not Conceptual. Life

Not Conceptual. Life is a contemporary art portrait series about self-determination that portrays people who move beyond normative social and gender roles.

For the implementation, I have cited iconographic images that I think correspond and reinforce stereotypical narratives of gender and gender-specific roles, for example portraits of Marilyon Monroe lying on a bed, barely clothed, or Mark Wahlberg grabbing his crotch, wearing only a pair of underpants.

The series was exhibited, among many other places, at the European Month of Photography in Berlin and at the Kunstverein Familie Montez in Frankfurt am Main. Four portraits were purchased from the  Art Collection of the Federal Ministry for the Environment.

As an art photographer I am interested in the depiction of gender roles as well as social roles in the media and the narratives that accompany these depictions.

In my portrait series I deal with these representations and narratives and work on the question of whether I can add new elements to them.

In this sence the title “Not Conceptual. Life”  means that individual lifes are multifaceted and cannot be squeezed to one universal concept that fits all.

The portraits are to empower viewers to question exisiting narratives of what we should feel, think, say or do. The series is to inspire viewers to find their own answers to their own questions on social roles and gender.

There is an edition of selected black and white portraits.

Per motif: 400x600mm and 800x1200mm, 5 pieces each (each +2 Artist Prints)

Alu dibond behind acrylic glass, Digital Photography.

There is also a postcard editition available.

The sale takes place via Unperfektkaus from my home town of Essen.

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